George R. Brown School of Engineering Professional Master’s Programs

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What’s new?

EPMP students have arrived on campus participating in Cultural Workshop and general Orientation Week activities. A full program geared to familiarize our students with the Rice campus and with each other consisting of activities and presentations throughout the week, which will introduce new students to the ins and outs of life at Rice by providing assistance with class registration, introductions to Rice values and policies, opportunities for outreach inside and outside “the hedges”.

In addition, students will enjoy a GSA sponsored picnic on Wednesday Aug. 17th at Valhalla. EPMP Orientation will take place on Friday, August 19th followed by a combined PSM/EPMP Welcome Social in Duncan Hall.

Welcome to Rice!!

Prospects, friends and students are encouraged to become Facebook friends!


 Contact Information

Program Director, Dagmar Beck, dkbeck@rice.edu

Program Manager, Agustina Fernandez Moya, afm@rice.edu